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LEVEL UP! update

New version is released, featuring generated levels and new graphics: New demo can be downloaded too. Tiles were exported from Sproxel development version by my Python plug-in. I’m going to make a tech demo of Arcane Worlds now, so you can download it and test how it runs on your hardware. Non-interactive probably.

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Sproxel progress

I’ve been working mostly on Sproxel this week. Changes so far: Python bindings for Sproxel palettes, layers and sprites. New project format that can store multiple sprites and palettes. Palette widget and improved color editing. Creating and editing 8-bit indexed (256 color) sprites. Still to go: Reworking undo/redo system to support multiple sprites and palette [...]

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LEVEL UP! Pre-order Available

I’ve finished LEVEL UP! prototype, and made a demo you can download. Here’s a video: Also, you can buy LEVEL UP! now for just $5 and get free updates up to the release version. I’m now improving Sproxel so I can make all those numerous voxel blocks for LEVEL UP! levels, and more enemies too.

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Some news

I’ve spent a lot of time studying Intel TBB, designing new game loop and dealing with some life issues. LEVEL UP! now runs smooth both with vsync and without it, while updating game logic only 20 times per second. I was afraid of input lag issues, but it looks like they aren’t really noticeable. And [...]

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LEVEL UP! early prototype

LEVEL UP! is a crazy mix of side-scrolling platformer/shooter and some role-playing elements. I’m going with “new retro” style for it, for several reasons. So, I decided to try voxels (3D pixels), and it turned out quite well. Special thanks to Sproxel – it’s in early development, but already very useful. Coming soon: character control [...]

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