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LEVEL UP! update 0.13

After a long while, here’s finally an update. You can now select guns between levels, and there’s some extra stuff too. I’m going to add more weapons and wielded items (like shield or grappling hook) before redesigning the upgrades system, so they’ll be all unlocked for now. Added selectable wielded items. Added plasma gun (powerful, [...]

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LEVEL UP! update 0.12

I completely changed the level generation in this update. Complete overhaul of the level generation. Changed voxel scale to make the view wider. Made it easier to make jumps from tight places, when hitting the head on the ceiling.

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LEVEL UP! update 0.11

No gameplay changes in this update, only new UI, options and configurable controls: Replaced UI system with a new one from Arcane Worlds. Added options and configurable controls. Added pause menu. New crosshair.

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LEVEL UP! 0.10: switching to 2D voxels

It’s been a long time since last LEVEL UP! update. I’ve switched it to 2D to make it easier to make new stuff for it, especially bosses. I’m going to update it more regularly now. In other news, it’s coming to Steam Early Access soon!

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First boss fight in LEVEL UP! 0.05

The first boss is small and relatively easy to defeat. The ones further in the game will be larger and trickier. Also, bosses will be chosen randomly so you wouldn’t know which one you’ll encounter on a particular play-through. I’m considering adding procedurally generated enemies next. But for now I’ll switch to working on Arcane [...]

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I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, August 20th. I’ll be back on September 10th. I won’t write code, but I’ll sketch out some ideas, monsters etc. for both Arcane Worlds and LEVEL UP! I’m going to get a mobile internet for my tablet there and there should be wifi at the hotel, so I’ll be able [...]

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LEVEL UP! 0.04

Well, it took much longer than I expected, mostly due to real-life issues. The main features for this release are bonuses (health and upgrade points), explosive barrels and new rooms which make levels more varied. I wanted to add more enemies, but I found the collision system to be quite buggy, especially in object-to-object collisions. [...]

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Desura keys for LEVEL UP!

Desura keys are available now for those who bought LEVEL UP! from my site, or received it as a gift. You can get your key on your profile page. Desura is an easier way to get game updates until I implement updating/patching in the launcher, but the updates might be a day or two late [...]

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LEVEL UP! on Desura

You can get LEVEL UP! on Desura now. I’ll work on adding Desura keys for those who already purchased the game. I’ll put Arcane Worlds on Desura too (provided Desura is okay with that) after I sort out issues with LEVEL UP!

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LEVEL UP! 0.03

New version with music and sounds by Michael Grubb of ShuffleBitSound. There are also some bug fixes, and game logic was rewritten to use new game object system from Arcane Worlds. It plays almost the same though. You can now choose between installer and zip-file downloads.

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