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I launched my Patreon! In case you don’t know, Patreon allows you to support creators like me by giving some amount of money each month. It’s like a donation with subscription. I’ll be posting behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress stuff there for patrons only, right now there’s a post about new shadows in Arcane Worlds.

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LEVEL UP! 0.10: switching to 2D voxels

It’s been a long time since last LEVEL UP! update. I’ve switched it to 2D to make it easier to make new stuff for it, especially bosses. I’m going to update it more regularly now. In other news, it’s coming to Steam Early Access soon!

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Arcane Worlds 0.24: dark worlds

I did various improvements while planning, so I decided to add dark worlds and release the update. The launcher is gone for good, and settings are now in a text file instead of Windows registry. You’ll need to change them again if you’re updating since they’ll be reset to the defaults, but it’s only once [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.23: resources and crafting

So, here’s the serious change to the global gameplay. You won’t find spells in the worlds now, instead you can collect resources to craft them. I might add spells you can find later, but they’ll be very rare, and most likely hidden in some secret places and locked with puzzles. There’s also a tutorial now. [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.22

I rewrote most of the world generation for this update. It’s now based around the gameplay needs. One can add a bunch of elements needed for the gameplay to the world and the system will build the terrain around that. I left the gameplay about the same for now, but I’ll change that with the [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.21

The major feature of this update is saving/loading of worlds, with all monsters, objects, scripts etc. It took about a month this time, but there was no way to release half of it. The game is otherwise about the same, but feels a bit different anyway since you now keep your castles in every world [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.20

I skipped posting about the previous update, so here’s the new stuff: I added first land monsters (caterpillars), world palettes (so I can customize world colors to look more interesting than just randomly generated ones), magic vortex to highlight portals and collectable spells, and fixed some bugs. I also researched new method for object shadows [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.18: music and improvements

It’s a small update before I start working on the more serious stuff. Change log: Added some music created by Josh Culler. Added resolution selection to options. Added “invert mouse Y” option. Added volume sliders. Spell casting auto-repeats now when you hold the button. Moved missile starting position closer to the player to improve targetting. [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.17: universe, saved games and more

Another update is released, adding universe map, initial story mode with saved games, configurable controls and minor improvements. The universe is still lacking variety and interesting things, that’ll come in the next updates. In other news, I finally got my visa, so I’m moving with my wife and three cats to Bulgaria (from Russia). So [...]

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Lava in Arcane Worlds 0.16

There are natural volcanoes now, and you can find Volcano spell (not in demo though). I also added some inertia to the player movements and fixed some minor issues. Also wyverns and portal have new sounds now, made by Josh Culler, who is making some music for the game as well.

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