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How I do (not) debug my games

I’m writing this because I thought it might be interesting to other programmers. I used this method for about ten years, so it’s pretty sound. I don’t use debugger. Well, I start it sometimes in (mostly futile) hope of getting a better exception stack trace. Or to look at the generated machine code in disassembly [...]

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Soft object shadows with deferred rendering

Technobabble warning. In this article I assume you’re fairly familiar with deferred rendering/shading. If not, google it. There are numerous articles and presentations about what it is how it’s done in various games. That’s a lot more technobabble though.

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Lighting in Arcane Worlds (technobabble)

I’ve been asked how lighting is done in Arcane Worlds, so I decided to write this article. It’s mostly technobabble, so I’m going to assume you have some coding/math skills to understand it. There are no pictures. You’ve been warned.

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Water erosion on heightmap terrain

I’m back from vacation, and I decided to write an article as a warm-up exercise. This article is for those who know what a heightmap is, and who are familiar with some basic heightmap generation. If you aren’t one, you can still enjoy the screenshots and skip most of the technobabble here Examples Here is [...]

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