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Lava in Arcane Worlds 0.16

There are natural volcanoes now, and you can find Volcano spell (not in demo though). I also added some inertia to the player movements and fixed some minor issues. Also wyverns and portal have new sounds now, made by Josh Culler, who is making some music for the game as well.

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Arcane Worlds on Steam Greenlight

The game now has sounds and I made a trailer to show what it’s all about: Also I put it on Greenlight, please vote for it! I’m going to try publish it on Desura and submit it to GOG, as well as doing more promo stuff.

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Arcane Worlds 0.14: Trees

The main feature of this update is trees, not much, but they change how the worlds look and there’s something to burn with lava which I’m going to add in the next updates. There’s also some secret stuff related to trees, but I’ll let you discover it yourself. As usual, you can download the free [...]

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New collectable spells in 0.13

You can now find spells while exploring, and some of the old ones have to be found (or cheated) now. I also added GUI animation system, spell icons and cheats menu. As usual, you can download the free demo or use your key link to download the latest alpha version if you already purchased the [...]

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Of water and stone

The transparent water looks much better. It still needs some improvements to look less blocky and flickery. I also improved simulation to avoid over-acceleration on slopes. This is in preparation for water sounds (which would be wrong if water flowed too fast) and lava (which shouldn’t flow too fast). As the result, flows look much [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.11

Changes: World map (hold Tab to see it) Triggers and more gameplay scripting Special places (just stone circles for now) with various effects when activated Portal now appears in a special place when some conditions are met Colored scalable icons for map markers and future spell icons Using 64-bit buffer for better effects when available [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.10

It was a long time since last update because of real life issues mostly. But it’s out now. Get demo or download new alpha version from your link if you purchased it before. I spent a lot of time creating new GUI system and doing some research. I’ll use that GUI not only for Arcane [...]

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Arcane Worlds 0.09

All spells have effects now, so no more firecubes. It looks like a cosmetic change, but actually it’s a basis for future spells, including attacking ones. I’ll add more of them, and you’ll be able to find some of them while exploring the worlds. The world generator is now scripted, so you can change it [...]

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First boss fight in LEVEL UP! 0.05

The first boss is small and relatively easy to defeat. The ones further in the game will be larger and trickier. Also, bosses will be chosen randomly so you wouldn’t know which one you’ll encounter on a particular play-through. I’m considering adding procedurally generated enemies next. But for now I’ll switch to working on Arcane [...]

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Mana gatherers

Mana gatherers are friendly creatures in Arcane Worlds who seek mana and bring it to your castle. They are spawned at your castle automatically. Now, to open the portal to another world you need to collect enough mana in your castle. The castle also absorbs any mana dropped on it, so placing it strategically and [...]

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