Sharpening my tools

I was tired after release of Arcane Worlds 0.02, so I took a couple of days off.

Sublime Text 2 caught my eye before, so I started studying and tweaking it. And after 2.5 days of tweaking, I bought it. I’m still not happy with undo/redo cursor movement and other minor issues, but otherwise it’s awesome. Also, it’s cross-platform and the license is per user, not per copy.

So, it looks like I’m going to sharpen my other tools too.
People on Indie DB prefer installer to zip-file, so I’m going to automate building demo and paid version packages and release both installer and zip-file variants next time.
My build system needs some work too.
And I’m going to move game object compiler I wrote for Arcane Worlds 0.02 to common tools and rewrite LEVEL UP! game logic with it. Probably improve the compiler too.

Also, I started rewriting the site. It’s currently messy PHP code which is hard to expand/improve. And I want to drop WordPress eventually.
So I found a nice python web framework called web2py. I’m going to replace “games” section of the site first, and gallery and blog some time later.

This means separate page for each game in addition to current list-of-games page, with more info and videos. Better security. User profile page, and later (when I replace blog too) easy commenting for registered users.

If you’d like some other improvements to the site or have some questions, feel free to comment, e-mail me or send me a message on Twitter.

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  1. Picten
    Posted March 12, 2012 at 16:11 | Permalink

    Add A Water Source In Arcane Worlds So We Can Make Rivers :)

    • Posted March 12, 2012 at 22:51 | Permalink

      It’ll need a water sink too, or it’ll flood the world :)
      I’ll think about it.