Arcane Worlds 0.07: Mana

Change list:
+ Killed monsters drop mana now
+ Spellcasting is now limited by player’s mana
+ When enough mana is accumulated, a portal to another world appears and monster spawning stops
+ A new spell to use portal to another world
+ Some worlds have flowing water now
+ Random sun position in new worlds
* Fixed castle spell bug (when shooting into the sky)
* Fixed wyvern shadow bug
* Fixed placeholder boxes rendering bug
* Minor engine improvements

It looks much more like a game now, so I’m going to change its status to “alpha” soon and raise the price to $10. For now, you can still grab it for $5 here and get all future updates for free.

I’m leaving on a vacation on August 20th. There might be another game update before that, if I’ll have enough time to finish it. Anyway, I’ll write another post before leaving.

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