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How I do (not) debug my games

I’m writing this because I thought it might be interesting to other programmers. I used this method for about ten years, so it’s pretty sound. I don’t use debugger. Well, I start it sometimes in (mostly futile) hope of getting a better exception stack trace. Or to look at the generated machine code in disassembly [...]

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Soft object shadows with deferred rendering

Technobabble warning. In this article I assume you’re fairly familiar with deferred rendering/shading. If not, google it. There are numerous articles and presentations about what it is how it’s done in various games. That’s a lot more technobabble though.

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Lighting in Arcane Worlds (technobabble)

I’ve been asked how lighting is done in Arcane Worlds, so I decided to write this article. It’s mostly technobabble, so I’m going to assume you have some coding/math skills to understand it. There are no pictures. You’ve been warned.

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