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Moved to new server

I’ve moved my site to the new hosting. It looks okay so far, but let me know if you have any problems with it.

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How I do (not) debug my games

I’m writing this because I thought it might be interesting to other programmers. I used this method for about ten years, so it’s pretty sound. I don’t use debugger. Well, I start it sometimes in (mostly futile) hope of getting a better exception stack trace. Or to look at the generated machine code in disassembly [...]

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I’m leaving on vacation tomorrow, August 20th. I’ll be back on September 10th. I won’t write code, but I’ll sketch out some ideas, monsters etc. for both Arcane Worlds and LEVEL UP! I’m going to get a mobile internet for my tablet there and there should be wifi at the hotel, so I’ll be able [...]

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New purchase system and gift keys

I’ve simplified the purchase system on my site, so you don’t have to register or log in to buy my games anymore. Instead, you’ll get a special link (the key) which you can use to download the game and all future updates. If you’d ever forget the key, you can request it to be resend [...]

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Site upgrade

I’ve just upgraded my site. It’s a complete rewrite of the “games” section and user accounts. Each game now has separate page with more info and embedded video. You can also download old versions now – both demo and paid ones. Unfortunately, the new (more secure) account system uses different encryption scheme for passwords. This [...]

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Sharpening my tools

I was tired after release of Arcane Worlds 0.02, so I took a couple of days off. Sublime Text 2 caught my eye before, so I started studying and tweaking it. And after 2.5 days of tweaking, I bought it. I’m still not happy with undo/redo cursor movement and other minor issues, but otherwise it’s [...]

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Not much to report for last two weeks, with holidays and other life issues. I’ve been mostly working on Sproxel and some other development tools.

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Against the Wall

Not that many people read my blog, but still. Against the Wall is an interesting exploration game. I think it has great potential. And now you can support it, since the author has launched a Kickstarter campaign. $10 will get you a copy of the released game, and $20 will provide access to early beta [...]

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Some news

I’ve spent a lot of time studying Intel TBB, designing new game loop and dealing with some life issues. LEVEL UP! now runs smooth both with vsync and without it, while updating game logic only 20 times per second. I was afraid of input lag issues, but it looks like they aren’t really noticeable. And [...]

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