New purchase system and gift keys

I’ve simplified the purchase system on my site, so you don’t have to register or log in to buy my games anymore.

Instead, you’ll get a special link (the key) which you can use to download the game and all future updates. If you’d ever forget the key, you can request it to be resend to your email. The system is similar to what the Humble Bundle uses.

The old system is still in place, so if you already bought a game you can download the updates just as you did before. If you want a new key however, please email me and I’ll arrange that. I’ll reuse the account system for blog comments later, so it’s not going away.

You can also buy gift keys to send to anyone or use yourself. They differ in that anyone can change the email the key is linked to, but only once. So when you send a gift key to someone, they can link the key to their email to retrieve it if they’d ever forget it.

You can buy multiple keys now, so feel free to do so if you want to support me.

If you encounter any problems, please tell me:

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