Arcane Worlds 0.04

I added some simple modeled objects (stones). It looks like it’s not much, but it’s a basis for future more complex objects like trees, critters and monsters. Also, to add good shadows I had to rewrite rendering code.

So, there’s a setting for “graphics quality” in the launcher now. The high quality mode uses deferred rendering/shading and will get a lot of nice-looking features with time. The low quality one is ugly but hopefully faster, and it’ll get even uglier and faster as I optimize it :)

There’s no “medium” quality, because my tests shows that the “high” mode with all features disabled or set to low is almost as fast as a possible “medium mode” (without deferred rendering but with good shaders etc). So you’ll be able to tune it if your PC isn’t powerful enough. And if it’s still slow, you can try “low mode”.

Change list for 0.04:
+ Added first modeled objects (stones)
+ Low/high graphics quality setting (using deferred rendering for “high”)
+ Soft object shadows (high graphics quality only)
+ Land shadows quality setting
+ Added crater spell in paid version
+ Craters are sometimes added during world generation now
+ Accelerating by holding SHIFT in addition to double-tapping keys
* Using Q/Z as left/forward (for AZERTY keyboards)

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