Arcane Worlds 0.20

I skipped posting about the previous update, so here’s the new stuff: I added first land monsters (caterpillars), world palettes (so I can customize world colors to look more interesting than just randomly generated ones), magic vortex to highlight portals and collectable spells, and fixed some bugs.

I also researched new method for object shadows for some time, but its quality and performance isn’t good enough yet to release it.

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  1. Posted June 1, 2014 at 00:06 | Permalink

    Hello Alexey

    NICE work (I really like the Game “Arcane Worlds” (I bought it via Steam).

    Implement/Add REAL (Environment; Trees, Stones, Grass, Land Areas, …) Textures to make the Game look REALISTIC/REAL.

    Put more (AS REAL AS POSSIBLE) elements (that interacts with and within the whole Game-Wold) in.
    As more you can do (and as better it’s SIMULATED; AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE) as better it is.
    Make the Game-World look SHARP!


    Continuous THE GREAT WORK (as much as you can).

    Best Greetings