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Release date:
March 2012 (Early Access)



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USD$20 (release price, -50% during alpha)


Arcane Worlds is a game inspired by the classic Magic Carpet - the blend of first person shooter, exploration, tactics and powerful magic. You fly instead of running and use spells instead of guns. It involves tactics, both in gathering the mana to power stronger magics, and using various spells to deal with dangers, monsters and rival wizards.


Alexey Volynskov started Arcane Worlds as a hobby project while still recovering from the burnout in 2011. When the first tech demo was released to the public, it sparkled a lot of interest, so he decided to make it his main project. The progress was slow at first, as he was still recovering, but eventually it went far enough to be Greenlit and released on Steam Early Access. The game is still in alpha, but getting closer to beta now.


  • The unique take on the FPS genre: flight, spells, outdoors, tactics.
  • Plenty of spells beyond simple damaging ones, for tactics and fun.
  • Dynamic landscape, water and lava simulation. The world can be changed beyond recognition.
  • Procedurally generated content, manually scripted for story and gameplay purposes.
  • Huge bosses, procedurally generated to make them interesting each time you play (not yet in alpha).
  • Dynamic universe in story mode: your actions have long-term consequences and things happen when you're busy elsewhere (not yet in alpha).
  • Multi-player modes, both co-op and PvP (not yet in alpha).


Trailer YouTube

Gameplay YouTube

Lava simulation YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (10MB)


Selected Articles

  • "Even if Arcane Worlds only ever copied Magic Carpet, that would be enough for some people to be excited about it... but it already looks like there‚Äôs more to it than that."
    - Craig Pearson, Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • "Arcane Worlds takes up the same style of game play as the Magic Carpet series put out by BullFrog in 1994. In the intervening two decades nobody has taken up the gauntlet and offered up such a destructible world. It's not bullet holes and burn marks slapped up when you miss but burning trees and craters gouged out of the landscape."
    - MustardJeep, Steam user reviews

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About Ranmantaru Games

Ranmantaru Games is a one-man independent game studio founded by Alexey Volynskov. It's based in Varna, Bulgaria, a nice city on the Black Sea coast.

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Arcane Worlds Credits

Alexey Volynskov
Business & Development, Ranmantaru Games

Josh Culler
Music & Sound, Freelancer

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